The Benefits of WHH Controller Program

Business owners urgently need a real-time, efficient, secure, and manageable way to get their accounting done right. Accounting systems should help you make better business decisions (accurate and timely), and be accessible when you need them from wherever you are.

WHH Controller is your opportunity to take advantage of a part-time controller to meet your business needs. In addition to the controllership services, we review and analyze your accounting processes to ensure efficiency and security.

WHH controller is your opportunity to outsource your entire accounting department so that you can focus on what you do best.

Why WHH Controller?

To us, accounting isn’t about the numbers at all—it’s about the people. WHH Controller is the accounting team that’s to-the-point and makes the right resources available to make you more successful.

With consistent management, financial reports, and analysis, WHH Controller provides the missing puzzle piece to move forward on the right initiatives at the right time.

For a monthly agreed-upon fee we’ll transform your systems into a virtual dashboard customized to be as hands-off (or immersive) as you want.

CFO Guidance for Real Time Decision Making

Let’s bridge that gap between what your CPA says, and what he actually means. What you need is a financial expert to relay the important stuff and advise you when it comes time to make important decisions. With WHH Controller, you choose the meeting frequency best for you.

Your controller will thoroughly understand your business and speak your language.

Your efforts are best spent where your unique talents lie—running your business the way only you can. We are experts in business and financial analysis, so you can feel comfortable leaving the financial strategy, accounting systems, accounting efficiencies, and budgets in our hands.

Go focus on what you do best—we will meet as a team to grow together.

Leveraging Technology

Technology can be a business owner’s best friend or their worst nightmare. You know it’s important to have backups and security, but it may not be a priority. WHH Controller takes over the burden of redundancy and updates while offering modern tools like the ability to approve and pay bills on your iPad.

Gone are the days of requesting documents from your CPA, or vice versa, because they are available in one central location. Our tools save you time where you need it most.

Being on the Cloud brings a host of other advantages, such as disaster recovery, 24/7 access, layers of security, and regular automatic backups. If anything gets past those safeguards, our in-house IT department is just a phone call away.

WHH Controller Services

  • Virtual Accounting Department—Everything on the Cloud! Access your accounting department from anywhere.
  • Accounting Support—Don’t worry about reconciling your balance sheet, we have your back.
  • Financial Reporting—Accessible and real-time info when you need it.
  • Cash Management—Cash crunch? Our systems allow us to foresee cash issues in real time.
  • AP Function—Just say Yes or No to pay the bill; we handle the rest.
  • AR Collections—Consistently calling customers for payments? We make it simple for customers to pay timely.
  • Performance Reporting—Meeting your budget? Do you even have a budget?
  • Benchmark Analysis—Wonder how you stack up to your competition? We can tell you!
  • Controller Services—Your very own finance committee. We report in plain language.
  • Tax Planning and Management—Don’t understand why you pay so much in tax? We’ll fix that.
  • Disaster Recovery—Your office is flooded? Your accounting department is safe.
  • 24/7 Access to Accounting Department—Can’t sleep? Take a quick peak at your accounting records at 3 am, if you want to.
  • Payroll Made Easy—We partner with an HR team too.