About Us

Our corporate culture embraces diversity and specialization. The partners are exceptionally dedicated to education and experience, driving the number of industries in which we specialize to expand so that today, we provide value in virtually any industry.

The partners built this firm on a solid base of clientele in the real estate and agriculture industries. Their reputations within the Central Valley community and their years of experience in the accounting industry paid off.

Trusted advice is a much sought after quality.

Leadership has been great teachers to the younger generation of accountants by sharing partner experiences and creating an easy flow of communication among all team members.

As a part of our pledge to training and development, each employee has identified his or her niche. Within these niches they are encouraged to join organizations, write papers, continue education, and become experts.

This process not only promotes growth within the firm and empowers our people, but helps us avoid redundancies in research and training.


But the firm’s lineage actually dates back to 1981, the year Robert became a partner in one of Fresno’s largest public accounting firms.

Starting with about 30 employees and focused on privately held businesses, including real estate and agriculture, we have expanded our vision to include several key industries in which we can make a demonstrable difference.

Our firm has matured to become a dynamic team of successful advisors and accountants with exceptional expertise.

We still number 30 employees, but our dedicated effort is to create a more efficient consulting firm by using cutting edge technology and processes.

Our major milestones highlight achievements that define our culture and provide the foundation for our unique identity.

You’ll see that we undertake rather large internal development initiatives almost annually.

Looking back, it wasn’t a conscious decision to conduct such extensive strategic planning, but we can point to it as the reason we’ve achieved our goals.