“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

Albert Einstein

Our firm revolves around the development and training of our team members. We procure the knowledge and invest in the technology to help our clients traverse through the maze of tax provisions and incentives.

WHH can help you ensure that your business is in compliance with the incessant changes to tax laws. Just as significantly, we can guide you in creating and implementing future tax saving strategies.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning and Preparation

We help clients understand the business reasons to plan well for your loved ones and successors. Strategies here benefit you and your heirs for years to come.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Corporation, partnerships, nonprofits, estates, and trusts—each face the mountain of work intrinsic to paying your fair share. Creative accountant is not an oxymoron in our firm. We help clients keep more of what they earn.

Income Tax Planning—Individual and Entity

We strategically manage our clients’ tax results, with proven techniques and thorough knowledge of tax laws.

Multi-State Returns and Filing Requirements

California’s tax law is complicated on its own and multi-state corporations encounter an added complexity. Our specialists, our experience with several multi-state firms, and our impressive knowledge base combine to produce results.