Technology’s highest purpose is to make our life easier.

Updates, backups, replacements, and networks can quickly overburden a business owner. Our IT solutions deliver the exact level of support you want, when you need it.

Offering IT services to our clients is consistent with our commitment to help you make money and keep it. Our IT department keeps our firm running smoothly—on the cutting edge of technology.

We want the same for you, especially when it comes to your accounting systems. We’ll help you avoid interruptions and technical difficulties.

Skilled in business systems and operations, our IT department is independent of any sales organization. We won’t sell you something you don’t need. We know how your accounting program should perform, so we can help you save time and money by quickly resolving issues that impede your progress.

About Jon Delinger, IT Manager

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7 and 8, Server 2000, 2003 2008 R2 2012, Microsoft System Center 2012

MAC OSX Applications: Office 2003 2007 2010 2013 Office 365, Microsoft CRM, Office Tools Professional QuickBooks 2002-2013 premium and enterprise

Sharepoint Databases: Microsoft SQL 2003 2005 2008 MySQL configuration

Network management: DNS, hosting service configuration, Switches and routing, Active Directory management and user management

Mail Services: Exchange 2003 2007 2010, Cloud hosting on Office 365

How it Works

When you anticipate upgrading, improving, or changing technology within your business, call on us. We can help, from something as simple as deciding whether to upgrade your QuickBooks software, to migrating your entire operation to the Cloud, we’re there for you.

We’ll provide the level of service you need to accomplish your goals on budget.

Our experts work with you directly to identify opportunities, uncover performance needs, and eliminate pain points. It’s all about making your tech life easier.

Most Popular Services

  • Computer and server network assistance
  • Software consultations, configurations, and recommendations
  • Upgrade recommendations based on a review of current operating systems and applications
  • Provide cost estimates for purchase of software or licensing
  • Assistance with data and databases
  • Review backup procedures and provide solutions
  • Cloud computing configuration and implementation
  • Migration recommendations for cloud computing
  • Assistance with cloud conversions of business applications
  • Remote access solutions
  • IT project planning support
  • CRM and exchange hosting consulting