The first step to a fulltime career

Our internship program trains students to become successful fulltime staff. Several current upper-level accountants began their tenure with us as interns. They thrived in our hands-on learning environment. After substantial training, our interns enjoy increasing responsibility, given the same level of work as our full-time staff accountants. The term of the internship has varied in the past and normally depends on the student’s graduation date.

How to connect with Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP

Connecting with local firms while in school can be valuable in your job search after you graduate. You’ll also learn more about the type of firm you eventually want to join. Here are several of the ways to connect with us:

Student clubs and campus activities

We are most active on the Fresno State and Fresno Pacific campuses, regularly attending events with Beta Alpha Psi, job fairs, mock interview competitions, and academic awards luncheons. We attend these events to network with students with the intention of finding future interns and staff accountants. These are great opportunities to hand-deliver a résumé and meet us in-person.

Student Newsletter

We have developed a weekly student newsletter. Emailed every Thursday, it includes job postings, industry news, and business-focused information. The student newsletter is a version of the newsletter we send to our clients and is a great way to learn about the services our firm offers.

Office Tours

Typically, our office tours are organized through Beta Alpha Psi and the FPU campus. Occurring once or twice a year, we introduce you to key staff, play our hilarious 10-key race, and share what it’s like to work in different positions in a public accounting firm. We also serve cupcakes or other goodies, which may be the best part.

Submit your résumé for our internship program online. We always accept applications and will notify you of the timeline if we do not have a current opening.