We place a high value on our corporate culture.

Before joining a public accounting firm, there are many considerations: skill set, industries served, hours worked during busy season, the partners, the office location and environment, salary, and more. But culture is the one thing that that can be difficult to assess before signing the offer letter.

Culture answers questions like these: What is the day-to-day environment like? Will I be a valued asset? How will I get to know my colleagues? How does the firm handle the stress of busy season? What if I have a personal emergency, will they understand? Will I enjoy going to work every morning?

Our people are our greatest asset. When bringing on a new team member, we consider a culture fit as equally important to their skillset.

We pursue people who share our core values—integrity, expertise, client relationships, commitment to excellence, our team, creativity, and dedication. A happy team is a healthy team.

This means creating an environment that supports a balance between work and home lives. Work-life balance can be difficult in a business that has clearly defined, deadline-driven busy seasons and is a struggle in most CPA firms. We thrive in this area because our three partners support it, live it and regularly check in to ensure we are succeeding in this area.

The firm culture naturally and easily supports families and schedules, but we also back up this claim with a whole host of programs.

  1. Alternative work schedule in the summer
  2. Flexible schedules to accommodate families, including part-time hours
  3. Perks Program to financially support hobby activities outside the office
  4. Monthly firm lunches and birthday celebrations
  5. Individual billable time budgets to allow time to network with other professionals
  6. Jeans Day corresponding to firm targets
  7. Individual technical training tailored to your needs and/or niche (conferences, webinars)
  8. One-on-one support for professional growth (marketing, writing, public speaking)

See our Careers page for more details pertaining to the jobs and work, or submit a résumé online.

The image on this page depicts the statue Robert Wiebe commissioned from the local artist, Clem Renzi. It represents his vision of the accounting profession and is titled “The Balancing Act.