You want to be on the job site, not in meetings with us.

We’ll help you handle the financial part so you can do what you love. Our construction team focuses on family-owned and closely held businesses in the construction and real estate development industries.

From construction specific accounting methods to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and bonding requirements, we know the technical obstacles you’re up against. We have CPAs who have worked inside the construction industry and can identify internal processes and KPIs that will help you everyday and with long-term planning.

Bonding and Financial Statements

We understand and employ the GAAP including but not limited to the percentage-of-completion method to account for revenues to ensure your financial statements help you maintain the appropriate level of surety credit.

Construction Accounting

A well-maintained construction accounting system can help owner/developers utilize timely and accurate numbers to track, measure, and understand progress and reveal the total costs of an investment. Our team will organize and maintain your system on your behalf.

Operational Reviews

We interview employees, review past performance, and assess the organization to provide management with pathways to increase efficiency.

Cash Flow Analysis

To ensure sufficient cash from operations we monitor your firm’s financial health by evaluating how money moves in and out of your business.

Litigation Support

We provide accounting guidance and essential infrastructure designed to manage resources, preserve cash, and accommodate growth. Expert direction and consulting resources for day-to-day functions such as accounting, planning, purchasing, human resources, and facilities management are included.