How to Embrace Change and Improve Your Bottom Line

Business is fluid. A lot like water in a river, it is constantly flowing and transforming over time. To be successful long-term, you must adapt to the new things your industry brings you. Examples of change in business could be: new technology (point of sale systems in retail), industry trends (price bubbles in real estate), or unanticipated events (loss…


Vendor Negotiation Tips That Pay Big

It’s Monday – Back to Business. Do you prepare for your a vendor negotiation meeting?  Something as simple as a vendor contract or customer terms can significantly impact your profits.  If you haven’t mastered this art, consider the following tips before going into a meeting where you need to make a deal: 1. Body Language Be aware of…


How To Increase Prices To Grow Your Business

It’s Monday—Back to Business! Growing a business can be stressful, but you don’t have to stay in a constant state of growing pains. There are a few ways to take your company to the “next level” but most of them require using more of your resources. Instead of spending more to earn more, my suggestion…


Video: Year End Tax Planning Seminar

Chelsey Marderosian & Nichole Agrava Our year-end tax planning seminar was last month and thanks to our partners with the Institute for Family Business, the video is now available online. Time is running out to make some decisions for 2016 but many strategies will still be available in 2017. Watch the video to find a…